what does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer uses computers to create visual concepts and communicated ideas. In short – we make your stuff look really awesome! Graphic designers build websites, develop designs for brochures and magazines, and create branding materials and logos for businesses.


why should I hire a graphic designer?

The only thing worse than not having a website is having a crappy one. That initial virtual visit is your one shot to show a potential customer you’re professional and trustworthy. You don’t want to blow it with a messy site that’s slow and frustrates the visitor.

That goes the same for your business cards and marketing materials. A well-designed identity for your small business will help you stand out from the masses.


what type of businesses do you work with?

As a small business owner, I have a real passion for working with other small businesses. They’re my tribe, and I really get them. My target client is the small business owner with ten or fewer employees.


my business isn’t in NC, can we still work together?

Yes! While most of my clients are in the Charlotte area, I help small businesses all over the US. I love working with varied companies with different graphic design challenges.


if I’m a small business, does my website really matter? can’t I just do it myself?

Yes, it most definitely does matter. And no, you should not do it yourself! I wrote a blog post about why DIY website design is a bad idea. Read it here. How your website looks and works (or doesn’t) says a lot about your business. The quality of your website can be the difference between new business and no business. Do you really want to risk that?


what are your rates?

My fees match the complexity of work required for your project. I’d love to provide you with a custom quote. Please contact me LINK HERE with details and we can discuss your specific design needs.


what’s involved in the process?

My first step before meeting a new client is Googling their business name so I can assess what sort of online presence they have already. SEO consideration is a huge component to website design. Here’s why.

I also check their social media presence. I look to see if they have the appropriate accounts for their target market and business type. In addition, I want to see what level of engagement they have – how often do they post, do they have consistent dialogue with their followers, do they post relevant topics, etc.?

After I meet with my client and we go over the particulars of their project, I provide them with a recap of our meeting and list of specific graphic design needs I can address. I also give them their “homework”. This includes how they can purchase their domain name and hosting site, providing me with logo files and artwork they currently use, and a list of vendor options for printable design projects.


how long will the project take?

It really depends on the size of the project. However, during our initial discovery meeting we’ll lay out a timeline that works best for both of us. I’m fun to work with, but I take my work seriously. You can trust me to respect your time frame.


I’d like you to help me. where do I begin?

Contact me today!  We’ll set up a phone meeting or in-person meeting to discuss your design needs. From there, I’ll craft a detailed proposal for your project and we’ll make some magic happen for your small business. I can’t wait to help you!

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