Who knew something so simple as adding a chiming clock to my office would help keep me on task and get so much more work done!

Typically, I am not a huge fan of the chiming clocks, but my Dad gave me one for Christmas this past year.  It was a clock my Grandfather had received as a retirement present.  I know, a little ironic that I now use a retirement gift to keep up with my workday – but it works!



Don’t mind that crazy Dr. Seuss like sculpture next to the clock.  My brother made it when he was in middle school and it is a prized possession of mine.

But, back to the clock.  I love you clock.

  • You remind me to look at the time, so I know how much is left in the work day and I can assess how finish the remaining work. Time management is an important part of running a business.
  • If I am stuck in a rut on a specific design, you remind me to step away and come back later with a fresh set of eyes.
  • If I am dilly dallying around, you help me to focus.  That chime is a reminder to get back on track.  Ahem, get off social media.
  • You remind me that it is 6:00pm, and I need to stop working and go enjoy life outside of work.


There is sits, on top of my bookshelf that is across from my desk.  A little cluttered, I know, but full of inspiring things….like squirrel underpants!  HA!  Never a dull moment here at The Creative Stack.

But seriously, do yourself a favor and get a chime clock in your office.  A little reminder on the hour, every hour to focus on what’s important.



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