Happy New Year 2014


First, Happy New Year Everyone!

One of my new year’s resolutions is to blog more.  And by more, I mean actually blog!  It has been a while. Part of the reason for my delay, was the migration of my separate WordPress blog here to my current website.

Why do this?  Well, there are a few of reasons….and most of them have to do with improving the website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

The Importance of Blogging in 2014

1. Most business websites without a blog are static – meaning the content of these websites don’t change very frequently.  Search engines (ahem, GOOGLE!) do not like static websites without fresh content.  They tend to push them to the back of the line and look for the most current websites with the most relevant content when sending out their little spiders to report back to the search term. By adding my blog to my website, I will now be updating the website very frequently with fresh content making those search engines happy.

2. By blogging on my business website, I am adding more keywords to my website.  These keywords are picked up by search engines and help drive traffic to my website.  It is important to keep the content relevant and useful.  High quality content is key!

3.  Blogging on my website allows me to share more information on relevant topics for my clients and visitors to my site.  This helps build confidence to trust my work and opinion in my particular line of work as a graphic designer.

So, cheers to 2014 and a year of more blogging!


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