I’m very excited to tell you about a new magazine for local small business owners in the Charlotte area…..

B2B Tribe Magazine Charlotte NC Small Business

b2bTRIBE is a semiannual magazine for and by small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Charlotte region. Business owners who sign up have an opportunity to submit content to each issue and ideas to make the magazine an even better resource for themselves and the business community. The kicker: signing up is free. Why? Because the publisher believes that small businesses and entrepreneurs deserve a break.

I love everything about b2bTRIBE magazine! It’s such a valuable resource for Charlotte-area small business owners. It’s perfect for finding local business events, networking opportunities, and learning more about entrepreneurs just like yourself, and is an amazing publication where the local business community’s voice is heard from their contributions—real stories from real people right here in our home town!

Click here to sign up – for FREE!

And for all of you B2C business, you should sign up too!  b2bTRIBE is about small business owners talking to other smalls business owners, the TRIBE. So companies that provide business-to-business products and services certainly qualify. But even companies that provide business-to-consumer products and services have business owners as consumers, and we want to hear that part of their story. How do you make business owners’ lives easier, more productive, or more profitable? Do any of your products or services appeal particularly to businesses or business owners? Some examples might be a restaurant with event space, a health and wellness practice with concierge service, or a gift shop with personal shopper services.

b2bTribe Magazine Charlotte NC


  1. Sign up with the quick form on this page.
  2. Watch your email for links to the digital edition of the magazine and the “call for content” submission.
  3. Read the magazine to get familiar with the sections.
  4. SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT. The staff at b2bTRIBE is great, but they aren’t psychic. You must tell them about you.
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