It is so important these days for companies to stay in tune with social media and keep a close watch on what customers are saying about them on social networks.  These social voices can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your company.


The other week I noticed this post come up on my Instagram feed….

Restoration Hardward Catalogs


And after a few clicks on the #restorationhardware hashtag, I quickly saw that a ton of people were totally pissed off at this marketing plan.  Instead of talking about how great the Restoration Hardware products were, they were bashing the company now labeled as “Tree Killers”.  Yikes.

Restoration Hardware Catalogs 3


Restoration Hardware Catalogs


Pop over to Twitter and more awful things for Restoration Hardware…





And a quick google search revealed more bad press…




ChicagoTribune RestorationHardware


Some people believe that bad press is still good for business.   I’m not so sure with this one.



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