I have always been fascinated with the concept of TED.  I jumped at the chance to help with art direction of TEDxCharlotteED last year and am so excited to be back on board for this year’s event.  The experience and TEDxTalks are always inspiring!

The mission of TEDxCharlotteED is to highlight “ideas worth sharing” about transforming education.  How we educate our children and ourselves has a significant impact on everyone in our community, from individual quality of life to collective economic vitality. On the afternoon of February 14th, a diverse group of Charlotte-area citizens will share stories highlighting “Learning on Purpose.”  These TEDxTalks will focus on programs both inside and outside the classroom, and range from early childhood education to adult workforce development.

This year I designed the website, Facebook page, Twitter page and am helping with organization of the event.  Check out my profile on the about page of the website.




Tickets went on sale this week.  If you are interested, click here to purchase!

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