I came across some great tips for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+ on www.entrepreneur.com today.  Here are some cliff notes for you, but be sure to check out the full details on the infographic here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227590


  • Keep Things Positive
  • Provide A Link
  • Provide Helpful Information
  • Include Images With Most Posts
  • Keep It Mobile Friendly
  • Engage With Users
  • Be Available



  • Give A Clear Call To Action
  • Correct Grammer and Punctuation
  • Shorten URLs
  • Engage With Mentions and Retweets



  • Portrait Style Pins
  • Use The Color Red
  • No Human Faces



  • Use Hashtags
  • Keep Up With Trending Topics
  • Use Images
  • Interact with Comments



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