“I can’t remember my password.”

I hear this all of the time from my clients.  It can save you a lot of time and energy (and frustration!) by remembering your passwords.  I know it can be difficult with the endless number of accounts you have to sign up for – and all with a different variation of password requirements.  I have a trick I use, that a fellow co-worker taught me years ago.  The little black box…..

remember your passwords


Okay, so it really can be any color.  The point is an index box with alphabetical tabs. I can’t tell you how many times a day I use this…..it is a lot.

This works perfect for your home office or very small business where there are no password secrets.   Now, I wouldn’t recommend keeping your really important passwords in a box like this – NO banking passwords, NO email passwords, NO social media passwords.  Just keep those random sign ups that it really difficult to keep up with in there.

Another option, a password log book.  Like this one (found on Amazon)…

password book


These little books are perfect for travel, or keeping in a locked drawer in your office.

Here is a video with some good tips for creating a secure password:



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